Is Your Site SEO Ready?

Does your site have a proper meta tags and formatting? If you are do not have an indentifying title for your website you are asking for major trouble. Do not leave the title as 'Internet Explorer' as many people. Search engines will never find you that. You can go to websites like or and generate meta tags for your website. Submitexpress even has a meta tag analyzer that will explain how to make sure your tags are "search engine friendly." Put major keywords in your page title and in your description as well. Use keywords in the body of your webpage as well to increase search engine ranking. Now don't oversaturate your site with keywords or "cloak." When I say cloak I mean don't hide keywords. For example, if your background is black do not write keywords in black. Google can penalize your website for doing that and possibly blacklist you. Now do you want a major power like Google or Yahoo banning you? is a new search engine created by MSN. I have to admit I like them so far.

Submitexpress allows you to submit your website to multiple search engines at once to save you the trouble of manually submitting them. Once you have created your meta tags wait for the search engines to crawl your site. Don't think your website will show on the first page in a month. It can take months and sometimes years for your site to be number one on Google. Organic keywords, referring to the keywords in your meta and not sponsored keywords, are many times the key to search engine success. Before I delve into page rank and other key factors that determine search engine ranking, the basics must be covered.

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