Research Profitable Domain Names

If you want to ensure you will receive targeted traffic, you should have a domain that speaks for itself. Your domain name should include a word that lets searchers know they have their niche. A website about flowers wouldn't be called Planet(fillintherestyourself).com. I would think the website would be about the solar system or related to astronomy. Include at least one major keyword in your domain name. If you want to rank high for flowers include the word flower in the url itself! For example, (fillinyourself) Want to find the most popular keywords and phrases most searched for? Look here.
Google has a keyword tool aimed to help advertisers who use Google Adwords to promote their campaigns. The more knowledgeable you are about the popularity of search terms and phrases, the higher your chance of being found by searchers. The tool will even help you generate keyword ideas to bring in more traffic. Yahoo Search Marketing previously had an external tool similar to the link above but has removed it from public viewing. Instead, you must open an account in order to use that function. Play around with the keyword to get a feel for what words are more popular than others and how you will use this tool to excel in your business. Read More!