Do You Need a Web Designer?

Well that all depends. Are you using a blog or a regular website? You can find tons of websites that provide blog templates for your use. There are hundreds to thousands of designs on the internet that are free for almost any use. Some may require you to keep their logo or trademark on the website in order to gain recognition. As for your website you can find Wordpress themes to upload to your server. You can find some very nice Wordpress themes if you use Google search. Some websites require you to pay for the template. Perhaps can find a student on campus who is building his porfolio to work on your website. If not be prepared to shell out anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Call local companies out of the phone book or look for reputable companies online with quality portfolios. Better yet visit other websites with designs you like and look for the name of the design at the bottom of the index page or welcome page. If you can't find the name email the webmaster directly. If you have the time you can find tutorials online that teach you how to design websites. It will take time to learn Html, CSS, and Java etc. The more time you spend learning the more skills you will acquire. You will save money by learning on your own. Local community colleges and programs more than likely offer classes that you can attend. If you want flash and high quality designs be prepared to pay big time if you seek a designer. If not get ready to learn! Read More!

Are You Up With Social Media?

Do you have an existing account with Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter? Well if you don't, why not? Use these free avenues to promote your name brand and your business. These social media websites are seen by millions daily and who knows who may be in need of your service. Never assume no one will be interested in your product. If you have no faith in your business why would anyone else! Sign up for these websites today, make a profile that defines your business, and give incentive for people to be interested. Don't be shy. Use this free time to pull in big money. Make yourself shine! Read More!

Want to Increase Your Website Ranking?

There is an awesome tool called IBP or Internet Business Promoter that helps website owners increase search engine rankings. They will even retrieve keyword, link popularity,and other vital information about your website as well as your competition. They offer a free download but the features are limited. In order to use the full program you must pay. That isn't so bad if the program will give you useful hints to increase your keyword ranking which will improve your google rank. Awesome huh? A professional SEO tool at your fingertips. No need hire an expensive search engine optimization specialist if you can work wonders yourself. Read the testimonials for yourself and be amazed by the power of IBP!

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